John Blackwell

John Blackwell's work seeks to exploit clay's versatility as an expressive medium. His particular interest is in combining a painterly surface with strong three dimensional forms. Sometimes form and surface are in harmony, and in others, the marks gain energy when deliberately working against the form. Time passing is suggested in the often scratched or distressed surface of the work.

An important influence on Blackwell's development as an artist was encountering the expressive quality of clay in Minoan pottery whilst on holiday in Crete. The strong forms and lively decoration of the pottery found in the museum of Heraklion, demonstrated an approach to creative work 3000 years ago, that John tries to emulate today.

Born in 1945 in Watford, Hertfordshire, John is a full-time ceramic artist, living and working in South Wales. He graduated with a first class honours degree in Ceramics in 1996 from University of Wales Institute, Cardiff.

Level 3
39 x 51cm

Signs of life 6
22 x 30cm

Falling stars
24 x 33cm

21 x 30cm

Black & White Vase
9 x 38cm

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