Roger Cecil 1942 - 2015

Roger Cecil (1942-2015) has been described as one of the great abstract artists of his generation, yet in his lifetime he was hardly known outside a circle of fellow painters. He was content to paint for himself, protecting his privacy and exhibiting rarely. If he did show his work, collectors rushed to acquire it. Among curators, he was a legendary figure. When his body was found after a police search in 2015, his death made headlines.

At art college in the early 1960s he was a star of his generation, but he walked out on a scholarship to the Royal College of Art and returned to practise on his own in the South Wales mining village and terraced house where he grew up. He devoted himself to painting, living simply and working as a casual labourer, opencast miner and art tutor while producing work of extraordinary beauty and sophistication. After his parents’ deaths the whole house became his studio.

Comparisons can be drawn with great twentieth-century abstract artists, Dubuffet, de Staël and Tàpies, but Roger Cecil sought to be – and was – remarkably uninfluenced. The reputation of his mesmerising art can only grow as his legacy is revealed.'

Peter Wakelin

Untitled 367
Mixed media
14 x 18 cm

Oil pastel
13 x 18cm

Untitled 1987
Pencil on paper
15 x 19 cm

Untitled 373
Mixed media on paper 1993
15 x 19cm

Untitled 547
Mixed media on paper 1989
43 x 47cm

Untitled 389
Mixed media on paper 1993
14 x 18cm

Untitled 478
Mixed media on paper 1990
44 x 49cm

Untitled 156
Mixed media on paper
8 x 10cm

Untitled 660
Mixed media on board
18 x 16cm

Untitled 366
Mixed media on paper
14 x 18cm

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