Roger Cecil

ROGER CECIL 1942 2015

Roger Cecil may be one of the greatest abstract artists Britain has produced, but he is also one of the least known. He painted quietly all his life in the terraced house where he was born in the South Wales mining town of Abertillery. When he showed his work, it was enthusiastically swooped on by collectors.

He walked away from the Royal College of Art in 1963, wishing to avoid being influenced by tutors and students, and he preserved a distinctive vision all his life. It encompassed the female figure, myth and shamanism, the landscape and the history of the coal field, sometimes all in one.

His gem like pastels and bold paintings are enticingly poetic. Other works were layered in mixed media, scratched and burnished, so their surfaces seemed like miracles.
A book on Roger Cecil - The secret artist, written by Peter Wakelin has recently been published.

Oil pastel
14 x 18cm

Oil pastel
13 x 18cm

Oil pastel
15 x 19cm

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