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Sept 8 - 30th MEIRION JONES
also new work by JACOB BUCKLAND and KAREN PEARCE. Introducing work by CARL CHAPPLE and ELFYN LEWIS RCA.


In 2014 I received an unexpected invite to spend a month painting the people and landscape of Patagonia. Isaias Grandis – the ambassador for Trevelin, Cardigan’s twinned town in The Andes – called with us in Cardigan and proposed the idea that I should spend the November and part of December of the following year in Patagonia. 2015 is a particular milestone in that it marks the 150 years since the Welsh landing in Porth Madryn in 1865.

I accepted the invitation, and spent half the time in “Y Dyffryn” (The Valley) in Gaiman and its vast, arid vicinity, then crossing the Patagonian Steppe “Y Paith” to The Andes.

Some 10 years before this venture I had spent a month in Patagonia, and crucially had kept in touch with the people I had met there. So that this time those people knew the reason for my journey and could take me to visit some reclusive people on isolated farms as well as more familiar characters. As I sketched these people and chatted with them, quite a few mentioned that their parents and grandparents had sat for Kyffin Williams when he made the trip in 1969, and so this added an interesting dimension to the project.

This exhibition at The Kooywood Gallery is a celebration of this colourful episode in Welsh history, and my attempt to describe the enigmatic Patagonian landscape and the warmth of its people.


Yn 2014 cawsom gnoc annisgwyl ar y drws. Isaias Grandis – llysgennad Trevelin, gefeilldref Aberteifi – oedd yno, ac fe gynigiodd mod i’n treulio cyfnod, y flwyddyn ganlynol, yn darlunio pobol a thirlun Patagonia. Wrth gwrs, byddai 2015 yn garreg filltir hanesyddol gan mai dyma flwyddyn dathlu’r 150 o flynyddoedd ers i’r Mimosa lanio ym Mhorth Madryn. Derbyniais ei gynnig, ac felly’r Tachwedd canlynol roeddwn yn braslunio yn haul De America.

Treuliais hanner y cyfnod yn Y Dyffryn, cyn croesi’r Paith i’r Andes.

Ddegawd ynghynt, roeddwn wedi treulio mis ym Mhatagonia ac yn allweddol iawn, fe gedwais mewn cyswllt gyda’r bobol a gwrddais yno. Felly, pan ddychwelais y tro hwn roedd gennyf fodd i dorri’r iȃ gyda phobol encilgar y ffermydd diarffordd, yn ogystal ȃ’r cymeriadau mwy cyhoeddus. Wrth imi fraslunio’r bobol yma, a sgwrsio gyda nhw, fe nododd tipyn ohonynt i’w rhieni neu eu tadcu neu famgu gael eu darlunio gan Kyffin Williams yn 1969, ac ychwanegodd hyn haen arall o ddiddordeb i’r gwaith.

Mae’r arddangosfa hon yn Oriel Kooywood yn ddathliad o bennod anhygoel yn ein hanes, yn ogystal ag ymgais i ddisgrifio tirlun breuddwydiol Patagonia a hynawsedd ei phobol.


The starting points of the paintings are invariably something or someone glimpsed whilst travelling around the parts of West Wales which are familiar to me. There is just something about the field patterns, the play of light on the sea, the relation between two colours which sparks something that asks to be developed. It hardly matter whether it is the sea or the hills, figurative or not, just as long as there is a spark which ignites what Van Gogh called “the driving force”.

The initial response is then developed in the studio, sometimes to the point that the finished painting is
radically different to how it started, but that is fine because the process
works best when it is a fusion of the actual physical geography and one’s inner
feelings towards that particular patch of land.

As time goes on, the details
become irrelevant and give way to the emotion, and the instinctual joy of mark making.


Meirion Jones
Vicente Evans Nant Fach Patagonia
60 x 75cm


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